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His Porn, Her Pain

It’s 1999. What do you suppose would happen if America were flooded with free, high-quality porn?

Now we know - because that’s exactly what happened.

In 2000, Broadband Internet dropped porn into every home in America. The country was NOT ready for it—and we’re still wrestling with what it means, how to use it, and how to help our kids deal with it.

America is in the grip of a PornPanic—an inflated sense of danger, fear, and anger. This makes it hard for couples to discuss porn, hard for anti-porn activists to see porn accurately, and hard for parents to give kids the perspective they need to handle it.

Based on 35 years of clinical experience, countless interviews, and expert policy analysis, His Porn, Her Pain is the first book to address:

  • What is the actual content of most porn?
  • How can couples discuss porn productively?
  • How can parents help their kids deal with the intense images they see?
  • Why is “porn addiction” a terrible approach to helping people over-involved with porn?
  • Why are so many activists—against sex trafficking, domestic violence, child abuse, and sex work—so opposed to porn?
  • How much of America’s upset about porn is about masturbation, and how much is about the internet itself?
His Porn, Her Pain Book Cover

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Every day junk science, political propaganda, and fear-mongering insist that porn is destroying our society, our families, and our children. And yet the rates of sexual violence and divorce have decreased since porn flooded the country.

Sex therapist & sociologist Dr. Marty Klein has spent over 25 years studying the content and effects of pornography. His innovative new book challenges us with a startling and profoundly relevant question:

When we talk about porn, what are we really talking about?

“Marty Klein is a keen social observer full of wit who challenges our misguided assumptions, and an astute therapist who helps couples delve into the thorny issues of love, sex, and lust.”

--Esther Perel, Author, Mating in Captivity